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Worker's Compensation
Douglas S. Lake, of Lake Law Firm, can help you if you sustained injuries while on the job. The Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, 820 ILCS 305/1 et seq., has some very specific provisions that govern what an employer can, and cannot, do if you are hurt on the job. Doug Lake is an experienced Decatur, Illinois, Worker’s Compensation lawyer.

  • Were you injured at work?
  • Did you report it properly?
  • Did you receive medical treatment?
  • Did your employer try to act like it is no big deal, or tell you to not report the injury to the hospital?
  • Did your physician recommend surgery, but it is not yet approved?
  • Did you miss more than three (3) days of work because of your injuries?
  • Did you receive all of the temporary total disability benefits to which you are entitled?
  • Are you receiving medical bills that should have been paid by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier?
  • Has your employer’s insurance company sent a nurse case manager to your doctor’s appointments?
  • Did your employer’s insurance company send you out-of-town to see one of their doctors? Were they rude to you?
  • Have your injuries prevented you from returning to your job?
  • Have you finished treating and your employer’s insurance company said your case is over and has been “closed out”? Do you want to find out if that is really true?
  • Have you waited too long to get an attorney to be on your side?
  • Do you have questions about your legal rights and legal options?

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